West Bromwich

Carters Green
'A' Sqn Staffordshire Yeomanry
5th Staffs Battery 3rd North Midland Brigade RFA.

Sandwell road
HQ, E Co. 1VB Swan Village
B Section N Midland Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance RAMC

In West Bromwich 'A' Sqn Staffordshire Yeomanry shared a drill station with 5th Staffs Battery 3rd North Midland Brigade RFA. Situated at Carter's Green, and long since demolished, it was opened on August 1 1902 by Sir John French, who received the Freedom of the Borough and presented South African medals to local Volunteers. It later became a British restaurant, and was also known as the Clock Tower restaurant.

There is also reference to a Volunteers' drill hall in Queen street which later became a Salvation Army barracks and in 1903 the first factory of the Manifold Printing Co., subsequently Manifoldia Ltd.
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