Drill station
Premises such as a church hall, school, or town hall where the local Volunteers would meet to drill. This occurred where a community was too small to justify the building of a specific drill hall, or funds were not available.

Kelly's Directories were a local and trade directory founded by Frederick Kelly, providing historical and geographical data and information about settlements and communities from cities to hamlets, listing for each one its facilities, institutions, commerce, residents and tradespeople.

The date accompanying a reference to Kelly gives the edition in which the information was found. E.g. Kelly 1914.

Abbreviations used in database
1,2,3, etc, (as in H 4 East Lancashire, or 2 VB) - number of a Battalion within a Regiment
A,B,C,D etc - the letter denoting a Company
Am Col - Ammunition Column
Bde - Brigade
BEF - British Expeditionary Force
Bty - Battery
co, coy, cos - company, companies
ds - drill station
HQ - Headquarters
K - Kelly
LI - Light Infantry
NS - North Staffordshire
RAMC - Royal Army Medical Corps
RE - Royal Engineers
RGA - Royal Garrison Artillery
RFA - Royal Field Artillery
RWF - Royal Welch Fusiliers
Sect - Section
Sqn - Squadron
SS - South Staffordshire [Regiment]
TF - Territorial Force
VB - Volunteer Battalion
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