High street

'G' Cambridgeshire

‘Here [High street] are the head quarters of the G Co. 3rd (Cambridgeshire) Volunteer Batt. Suffolk Regiment, which has now (1896) 80 members. The March Volunteers Club consists of enrolled volunteers, subscribing 2s. 6d. yearly and honorary members 10s. 6d. and upwards.’ (Kelly, 1896)

There is a Drill Hall on Gas Road, March (close to High street) used by the ACF & ATC, but on visual inspection, we suspect that it is later than the scope of the Project. We have been informed that there was a drill hall on Gas road; it was apparently the building to the rear of the carpet showroom. A chapel close by on Gas road was used as the drill hall’s gym, with reading and billiards rooms.

Thank you to Chris Harley for additional information about Gas road.
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