Grange Road West, Oxton
79a Harrowby Road
24 Clifton Road, Tranmere
Grange Rd West, Oxton
HQ,A,B,C,D 4 Cheshire

79a Harrowby Road, Tranmere:
Welsh Divisional royal engineers, Cheshire Brigade Co.
Welsh Border Mounted Bde Transport & Supply Column ASC
Cheshire Brigade Co. Welsh Divisional Transport & Supply Column ASC
24 Clifton Rd, Tranmere

'D' Sqn Denbighshire Hussars

Grange Road West Sport Centre is situated on the outskirts of central Birkenhead. The building was originally used as a Territorial Army Drill hall until the Council took ownership of the site in 1969, when it was converted to a sport centre.

Harrowby Road, Tranmere is listed in Kelly 1914.

Kelly, 1894, reveals many different locations. Cheshire and Carnarvonshire (1st) Volunteer Artillery are listed at:
(4 coy) Magazine Lane, New Brighton,
(5 coy) Drill Hall, King Street Egremont, (after Kingslake Rd)
1st Cheshire Royal Engineers HQ 108 Church street (Kelly 1896, also Kelly 1914 RNVR) Drill hall Priory St (corner of Abbot St)
1VB Cheshire Regt HQ, A-D Cos. Park road south, (Kelly 1896)
1,2 & 8 companies Birkenhead, 3 King St, Egremont
4: 13 New Chester Rd, New Ferry
5: Neston
6: Birkenhead Rd, Little Sutton
7: Holt Rd, Tranmere
9: Heswall
10: Hoylake

There are no obvious candidates for a drill hall on Magazine Lane, but at the end of the road is the Liscard Magazine, which looks out to the Mersey estuary. We suggest that this may have been used, but this needs confirmation. It seems obvious that volunteer artillery would use the existing artillery premises close to the Mersey and the beach.

Only the gatehouse survives, and the street names (Magazine Lane, Magazine Brow, Fort Road, etc). It was originally much more extensive, but the site has been housing for several decades.

The photograph was taken as a query.
Birkenhead - Grange Road West
Grange Road West

Birkenhead - Grange Road West
Grange Road West

Photograph of Liscard Magazine, New Brighton
Liscard Magazine, New Brighton
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