Ashley road

ds 'A' Sqn Cheshire Yeomanry
'5th (Earl of Chester's) Battalion Cheshire Regiment; ( Hale Detachment of A Co.) (Kelly 1914) (Also Slaters Directory)

The building was erected in 1876 as the Bowdon Roller Skating Rink, which closed after three years. The building was used for various purposes, such as the Salvation Army in 1882, until 1888, when the Cheshire Volunteers first drilled there, probably after the demolition of the Volunteers' Drill Hall in adjacent Altrincham in (?)1886. It could seat 200 people for meals and its known to have had an interior balcony.

During the Second World War it was used by troops, then afterwards passed into community use for meetings, wrestling and meals.

The drill hall was demolished in 1972 and replaced by an hotel, a supermarket and offices.

Thank you to David Miller of the Altrincham Historical Society.

Ashley Road elevation
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