Greenway Road

5th Battalion (Earl of Chester's) Cheshire Regiment (Kelly 1914)
2 VB Cheshire Battalion (Kelly 1896)

Kelly records the roll strength of G Company as 102.

A stone plaque on the Drill Hall on Greenway road dates the building as 1869 and the stone inscription 'Defence, not Defiance' above the door clearly identifies the building's origins.

Its most recent use seems to have been as a health and fitness club. However, a notice of closure in the door says that the building needs a large investment in maintenance, especially to repair the roof and it seems that the club closed in 2006.

The premises now seem very neglected. (September 2007)

Details to gable above main entrance

Front Elevation

Front Elevation from South

Front Elevation from North

Plaque to gable above entrance

String course above entrance
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