Drill Hall, St Andrew's road
Drill Hall, Ferry road
near the Maer

1st (Exeter & South Devon) Volunteer Battalion Devonshire Regiment, Manchester House, F Company (Kelly, 1889)
F Co. 1st Volunteer Battalion (Exeter & South Devon) Devonshire Regiment, Drill hall, Ferry road (Kelly, 1893)
'4th Battalion Devonshire Regiment, Drill hall, St Andrew's road' (Kelly, 1914)

7 Battery Headquarters, Exeter road; Battery, the beach (Kelly, 1889)
K 7th Co. 1st Devonshire Volunteer Artillery
Headquarters beach, Drill hall, Ferry road (Kelly, 1893)
ds 1 Devonshire Battery 4th Wessex Brigade Royal Field Artillery

This information suggests that the Headquarters was in suitable building for administration, etc., with guns in some form of static position firing over the river entrance as defence.

ds 'B' Squadron Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry
Photograph not available
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