Toothill road
Granby street

C Squadron Leicestershire (Prince Albert's Own) Yeomanry
1st Volunteer Battalion Leicestershire Regiment (H Company)

Kelly, 1912, records: 'C Squadron Leicestershire (Prince Albert's Own) Yeomanry; Toothill road.'
Kelly, 1900, lists: '1st Volunteer Battalion Leicestershire Regiment (H Company); head quarters, Drill hall.'
Wright's 1899 directory places the drill hall in Granby street between German & German, Auctioneers, and the Public Baths, Queen's Park. By 1912 it was the "headquarters and H Company of the 5th Battalion, with a drill hall at Granby street."

The construction of the Drill Hall was funded by public subscriptions, due to the influence of Major F R Briggs, who was the son of the first Mayor. It was opened as one of the Jubilee memorials of Queen Victoria's reign.

The site of the Drill Hall in Granby street is now a car park, poignantly close to the Carillon, Loughborough's War Memorial.

We are very grateful to Dr Sue Jackson for the photograph and for the contemporary map and other documents which she supplied.

The site of Loughborough's WW1 Drill Hall is overlooked by its Carillon war memorial.

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