Clare street - Drill hall
53 Sheep street
20 Horsemarket (Red Lion)

Northamptonshire Yeomanry; head quarters plus A Squadron
Buckinghamshire (Royal Bucks Hussars) 3rd Squadron
HQ,A,B,C,D 4 Northants
Northamptonshire Regiment, 1st Volunteer Battalion HQ plus A - F Companies
4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment HQ plus A - D companies
East Midland Brigade Co. East Anglian Divisional Transport & Supply Column, Army Service Corps

Kelly, 1890. lists the Headquarters and Orderly rooms plus A-F Companies of the Northamptonshire Regiment, 1st Volunteer Battalion as being at the Corn Exchange, where they remained in 1906 as B-F Companies. By 1910 the Headquarters and Orderly room of the 4th Battalion Northamptonshire Regiment' were given as 83 Sheep street, along with A-D Companies. Kelly 1914 gives Clare street.

Kelly, 1890, lists 'Buckinghamshire (Royal Bucks Hussars) 3rd Squadron; head quarters, Red Lion, 20 Horse market.'

In 1903 and 1910, Kelly lists the Headquarters of 'A' Squadron Northamptonshire Yeomanry at 53 Sheep street.

Kelly, 1910, notes 'East Midland Brigade Co. East Anglian Divisional Transport & Supply Column, Army Service Corps.' but in 1914 he gives Clare street.

Kelly, 1914, records 'Northamptonshire Yeomanry; head quarters [plus A Squadron], Clare street.'

The Clare Street Militia Store was built in 1859 in response to demands to increase military accommodation. It included residential accommodation and a small hospital. (Information from East Midlands Archeological Research Framework: Resource Assessment of Modern Northamptonshire)

The Drill Hall is still in use and was Grade II listed in July 1998.

The drill hall was photographed for the Project in November 2006.

Northampton Drill hall in 2006. View enlargement

Postcard of Northampton drill hall
Postcard of Northampton drill hall. Enlarge
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