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HQ,D Sqn Sherwood Rangers
'A' 8 Sherwood Foresters

Kelly, 1904, notes the Drill hall of 'A' 8 Sherwood Foresters.

There is a drill hall currently on Hallcroft road but this seems fairly recent. It is not shown on the OS maps of the period prior to and during the Great War.

According to the local Almanack, the Sherwood Rangers Imperial Yeomanry had Headquarters in Victoria road in 1906 and 1913 (so presumably also the years in between). By 1914 their Headquarters was Albert road. Kelly records a drill hall in Albert road in 1925 and 1928.

On a short site visit (2007) we did not find a drill hall on either Albert road or Victoria road (which is off Albert road). There is an Artillery Terrace off Albert road, which may indicate a military presence in some form or other.
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