Victoria Street

F Company

The clientele of Hednesford's Bingo Hall in Victoria Street pass their time in the one time home of F company 5th South Staffs, a simple building with a fine terracotta crest hidden behind a timber sign. Built in 1894. Kelly 1912 lists it as Station street.

Colonel Robert Summerside Williamson, 1859 - 1933, was a member of the local Territorials for some 40 years, joining as a subaltern in 1881 and resigning his command of the 5th Battalion in 1913. In 1895 he raised an appeal and funded the building of a Drill Hall at Hednesford. In 1914 at the outbreak of War he returned to command the local Volunteer Force and agreed in 1920 to resume command of his old Battalion finally retiring two years later.

2005 brings redevelopment to the area and it is understood that the drill hall is to be demolished.

Archive photograph

Front view

Side view

Detail of entrance

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