Bingley - West Riding

Hillside road

West Riding Regiment 6th Battalion H Company – Hill Side road (Kelly, 1905 and 1912)
'H' 6 Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment

The Drill Hall at Bingley is shown on the 1894 OS map. It was on the north side of Hillside road, at the north end of a large piece of open ground, abutting the north east wing of a large mill. It is still there but unmarked in 1938.

A comparison of maps and a site visit in 2008 led us to conclude that the Drill Hall has been demolished and part of the mill has gone. It appears that housing has been built on the site. (There is a small Cadets hut at the front of the former open space, but it is not on the site of the drill hall.)
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