Scarborough - North Riding

Drill Hall, Castle road
North street
Barracks, Artillery Militia Depot, Scarborough and Whitby road

East Riding of Yorkshire 1st Artillery Volunteers (No. 6 Battery), Drill hall, Castle road (Kelly)
Princess of Wales's Own Yorkshire Regiment (2nd Volunteer Battalion), Orderly room, 14 North street (Kelly)

Castle road - N Riding Battery 2nd Northumbrian Brigade RFA
North St - HQ, E, F 5 Prince of Wales’ Own Yorkshire Regiment
2nd Volunteer Battalion Alexandra Princess of Wales’s Own (Yorkshire Regiment)
Head Quarters – North Street – Comprising A B C D E F G Companies
ds Yorkshire Mounted Brigade Coy ASC
ds 'D' Squadron Yorkshire Hussars

Scarborough Parish Information, from Bulmers' Directory,1890:

‘The Barracks for the Artillery Militia Depot is on the Scarborough and Whitby road, one mile north from the Market Place, and is situated in Throxenby township. It is a square pile of brick building, erected in 1861-2 by the North and East Ridings, and has been rented by the Government since 1877, at a yearly rental of £108.’

This is a brief extract from a long entry. However, as this was a Regular Army artillery barracks, it is outside the scope of the project.
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