Bowling Green Lane

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Bowling Green Lane

As the drill hall in Knighton is shown on the 1926 Ordnance Survey map, it is likely to have been present at the time of the Great War.

There are five large windows and the three to the left of the main doors have three iron rings inserted in the brickwork. These were probably used for tethering horses.

. The drill hall is still a well-used civic venue and underwent thorough refurbishment in the last twelve months [2005]. Apparently the original wood-block floor was going to be removed but was in fact saved.

. The building is still in use for TA, ACF and Air Cadet Organisation activities (Knighton 2 Troop ACF and 579 (Knighton) DF Air Cadet Org), It is in use as a performance space and is also home to the Knighton Town Silver Band. (2005) .

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Thank you to Jim Clay for the photographs.

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